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Our safety razors are made of stainless steel, as to not rust.

They are very durable, as you use them for years, changing only the blade. Shaving with one blade, compared to the 3+ blades of standard razors, lessens the friction on the skin, and therefore causes less irritation, as well as providing a close shave. We recommend you change the blade every 10 shaves or so (for leg hair) and 5 shaves for beard.

We provide you with one blade with the razor. Subsequent blades can be purchased in stores such as Centre du Rasoir, for about 15$ for 100 blades.

When replacing the blade, please keep your used blades in a small box. Do not discard used blades without protection, you wouldn’t want to injure your garbage collector!

The only difference in using the safety razor is that you hold it at a 30 degree angle.

If you shave with soap, and you would like to get rid of the residue, dismantle the safety razor and let it soak in a 1 to 3 parts vinegar-water solution for 1 hour, then rinse and dry.


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